About us

wolav encompasses experience and youth,
innovative solutions and those repeatedly proven ones.
This system allows for a highly precise and customer-focused approach
to every project

We believe that it is the first meeting with an Investor which is a crucial stage of every investment. It is only through arrangements, calculations and an execution of reliable design documentation that we are able to provide our clients with the best and most effective solution.

We cooperate only with reliable suppliers and manufacturers which are leaders in the field. The quality of delivered materials combined with an adequate assembly, settings and a start-up ensures a defect-free and proper operation for years to come. We are practitioners. A prime criterion at the choice of materials and equipment is the quality.

Maciej Joński

Technical consultancy, designing.

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Wojciech Kocoń

Servicing and implementation of orders, payments.

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Wolav provides solutions for a wide variety of clients. Thanks to an experienced team of engineers, we are able to meet every challenge, no matter how difficult it shall be. Please feel welcome to familiarize yourself with our offer and once you contact us, we will tailor it to your individual needs.

We offer a design, delivery and installation of dust collector and gas cleaning devices which we produce:

  • wet dust collectors
  • spray scrubbers
  • tray scrubbers
  • scrubbers with packing
  • cyclonic scrubbers
  • absorber with a Venturi tube
  • activated carbon filters
  • biofilters and bioscrubbers

We are engaged in manufacturing and delivery of plastic devices such as:

  • chemical resistant tanks of round and rectangular cross-section
  • scrubbers
  • biofilters and bioscrubbers
  • chemical resistant heat exchangers
  • ventilation ducts
  • fume cupboards, suction fitting pieces, hoods
  • cabinets, tubs
  • PEMOST® floating piers
  • PEWAKE® setup elements to wakeboards

We perform complex building and executive designs:

  • chemical resistant ventilation
  • deodorization systems
  • dust collector and gas cleaning systems
  • industrial heat recovery systems
  • local exhausts
  • industrial systems
  • swimming pool water treatment

We boast extensive experience in designing industrial installations, we cooperate with experienced designers and with a specialized scientific team – hence we are capable of handling even the most complicated individual solutions.

We are involved in execution of works in the scope of delivery, installation and start-up of:

  • ventilation systems of plastics
  • ventilation systems of acid resistant steel
  • deodorization and dust collector systems – biofilters, scrubbers
  • heat recovery systems from chemically aggressive environment
  • technological, leachate, process tanks
  • extrusion welding of plastics

We have necessary knowledge and experience which ensure that our services are of highest quality. We provide our clients with expertise assistance throughout the investment process.


The company made a ventilation systems for our company within the projects of constructing a compositing plant at RIPOK Radomsko, RIPOK Rawa Mazowiecka and RIPOK Polkowice.

Arnaud Husselstein, Hantsch

Kontrakt zrealizowany w okresie: sierpień 2015 r. – wrzesień 2015 r.

Bartosz Rydz, AK NOVA sp. z o.o.

Powierzone prace wykonano rzetelnie, zaproponowane rozwiązania technicznie spełniają nasze oczekiwania i pozwoliły osiągnąć zamierzony efekt.

Józef Kara, Kuhne Polska Sp. z o.o.

Inwestycja została przeprowadzona terminowo oraz zgodnie z umową. Możemy polecić firmę Joński-Projekt W.Kocoń M.Joński Sp. J. jako rzetelnego wykonawcę….

Stefan Dynerowicz, Demeter Sp. z o.o.


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mgr inż. Maciej Joński

[email protected]

tel. +48 506 146 194

mgr inż. Wojciech Kocoń

[email protected]

tel. tel. +48 509 990 815